Below is our personal story and the reason behind PowerPuck. We would love to hear about you and your story as well - or any ideas you have to make the puck a better product!

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Our Story

The PowerPuck and SuperChews were created to address the lack of healthy nutrition and snack bar products available for adults and especially for kids. 

The PowerPuck is a complete food, has no carbs, no sugar, no seed oils, no artificial dyes or sweeteners, no gluten, no soy and no sugar alcohols. It provides perfect keto macros of 85% fat / 15% protein. It also packs a healthy punch of long-lasting energy given its high content of healthy fats. The PowerPuck fat base can be grass-fed tallow or cold-pressed cacao butter - two of the fats with the best micronutrient profiles and high amounts of stearic acid. The whey protein is from grass fed New Zealand cows. The PowerPuck is keto and carnivore (Natural Nude flavor) approved.

SuperChews were formulated specifically to address the chronic underconsumption of protein that faces most folks today, especially women and children. Keeping with our ways, we also were able to formulate the SuperChews to have as minimal ingredients possible while having 0g carbs, 0g fat and 25g protein per serving. These are the first and only high-protein gummies that are free of sugar, sugar alcohols and artificial sweeteners. They also taste great making it easy for everyone to add additional protein to their daily diet, especially women and children!

My wife and I are very health-conscious people who follow a diet consisting of whole foods, healthy fats and adequate protein. After having kids, we have done our best to have them follow a similar diet. This was easy when they were babies and they ate what we put in front of them, but as they got to 3 years old, they all of a sudden wanted snacks and other foods that are loaded with added sugars or seed oils! After spending hours and hours searching the internet for a healthy snack/nutrition bar that didn't contain sugars or seed oils, and was preferably low carb, we finally gave up hope.

Ironically, I had been making my own supplement bar that consisted of grass fed beef tallow and protein as a way to keep my fat intake up. One day our 3 year old asked for a bite..... and then asked for another bite! After that - we were onto something guilt free we could give our kids. The only issue outstanding was figuring out how to make it taste better, especially for the kiddos. Fortunately my wife is a genius and figured that out by taking one bite and suggesting pork rinds for better texture and salt! And with that..... the PowerPuck was born!