100 cal, 25g protein, 0g fat, 0g carbs


The highest protein gummy on the market!

Three simple main ingredients: grass-fed beef gelatin, whey protein and flavored electrolytes

No sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners!

Try it!


The Pocket PowerPucks melt a lot easier than the PowerPucks

Order PowerPucks to minimize chance of melting!

Buy More - Save More!

save up to 20% on bulk orders

Long Summer Days + Heat = (Possibly Melted) Pucks

During these hot summer months it is very possible that a package gets left on the porch or sits in a hot mail truck all day causing your pucks to melt. Fortunately, all you need to do is pop them in the fridge for 30-45 minutes and they will firm right back up. It might not have the same classic shape of a puck, but it still has all the nutritious and wholesome ingredients that you can enjoy just the same.

Pocket PowerPucks are more prone to melting than PowerPucks.

A PowerPuck is a PowerPuck no matter the shape!

Summer Shipping Costs

May - Sep we will ship Pucks Mon-Wed each week.

Summer shipping has a handling fee so we can afford to send your products in insulated packaging with ice packs allowing them to arrive with the best quality possible!

We recommend selecting 2-day shipping during the summer months to maximize the quality of the delivered Pucks!

Hot Tip - Pocket PowerPucks & Samplers are more likely to melt than PowerPucks. See Summer Shipping in FAQs

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