Our most common questions

Transparency is a core pillar of PowerPuck. We believe in increasing the availability of healthy nutrition options to people - especially if that involves replacing unhealthy foods loaded with carbs, seed oils and sugars. In order to maintain transparency we need to be as open as possible answering questions about our product - this is our attempt to do so!

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Summer Shipping Protocol

Summer shipping has a handling fee so we can afford to send your products in insulated packaging with ice packs allowing them to arrive with the best quality possible!

Pocket PowerPucks and Samplers are more likely to melt than PowerPucks, and Cacao is more likely to melt than Tallow. However - as we continue refining our summer shipping protocol we expect most shipments to arrive in good condition!

We recommend 2-day shipping to minimize the time pucks might sit in a hot mail truck.

We only ship products with standard shipping Mon-Wed and products with 2-day shipping Mon-Thur. This means if you order a product Fri-Sun it will not ship out until Monday.

What if I receive melted pucks?

We do our best to make sure the pucks don't melt. But if you aren't home and the box is sitting on your porch when its a 100 degree summer day, we can't guarantee you won't have melted pucks.

Good news is the great nutrition of the puck is the same no matter the shape! If your puck melts just bring it inside, pop it in the fridge and it will firm back up quick - then you can break it into bite size pieces and still enjoy!

What are the ingredients?

Probably the most important question! There are three main ingredients in a PowerPuck - tallow (or cacao), protein powder, and pork rinds.

The saturated fat base - tallow or cacao - is sourced from grass fed cattle or cold pressed from cacao beans.

The protein powder ingredients are New Zealand Grass Fed whey protein isolate, natural flavors, cellulose gum, and stevia extract.

The pork rinds are pork skins cooked in pork fat.

Do the pucks contain carbohydrates?

The pucks are made with three main ingredients - healthy fat (tallow or cacao), pork rinds, and protein powder. All three of these ingredients are sold as containing zero grams of carbohydrates. However, the protein powders use cellulose gum as a binding agent for flavors which is considered a carbohydrate, but the amount is less than 0.5g per serving in order for them to be able to claim zero carbs. Therefore we believe the carbohydrate content of a puck to be well below 0.5g.

Why do you offer two different fat bases?

We offer a tallow base and a cacao base for our pucks. Why do we do this? Because our mission is to help people eat as healthy as possible - which means substituting pucks in place of other more highly processed foods or snacks - and people have different preferences for the textures of these fats. Tallow is softer and more airy, while cacao is much more firm and hard at room temperature (similar to chocolate).

Some people love tallow as a base while others prefer cacao. Traditionally, cacao would taste better with the chocolate flavors as cacao is a base for chocolate bars. Also, some kids tend to prefer cacao because it has more of a chocolate bar mouth feel.

These two fats have the healthiest fatty acid profile, including high amounts of stearic acid and other saturated and monounsaturated fats, as well as heathly vitamins and minerals.

What is your recommended serving size?

This depends on the individual, level of activity, and future goals. Some folks eat a PowerPuck as a meal every day, others use Pocket PowerPucks as a snack between larger meals. Pucks are loaded with healthy fats and are very satiating - start with half a puck and see how you feel!

Each PowerPuck and bag of PocketPucks has roughly the same macros ~1,000 calories, ~90g of fat, ~35g of protein and ~0g carbs.

Do the pucks contain seed oils or other added polyunsaturated fats?

NO! We believe overconsumption of PUFAs is a major factor leading to the epidemic of chronic disease we see today. One of the main goals in creating the PowerPuck was to provide a meal replacement and snack alternative that contains healthy saturated fats. Pucks are available with the choice of a tallow or cacao butter fat base. In our opinion, these are two of the healthiest saturated fat options available being rich in vitamins, minerals and stearic acid.

Can I eat a puck for a meal?

Yes - the PowerPuck is a 1,000 calorie meal replacement supplement. If you don't normally eat 1,000 calories for a meal, split it in half and save the other half for later. Hopefully after eating a Puck you also notice better satiety given the fat profile.

What types of protein do you offer?

Currently, the protein we offer is a grass fed whey protein isolate for all products but the Natural Nude Puck, which has beef protein isolate.

Is your tallow from grass fed cows?

Yes - the company we have partnered with procures their tallow from grass fed cattle.

Is your whey protein from grass fed cows?

Currently, the protein we use is a whey protein isolate sourced from grass fed cows raised in New Zealand.

What temperature do the pucks start to melt?

This is a tough one! Both tallow and cacao are saturated fats, meaning they are solid at room temperature. We have done some testing and here is what we have concluded so far:

Tallow is firm at a 72 deg room temperature. It seems to keep its form until over 90 degrees, however, once you get to 85-90 degrees or higher it is very soft.

Cacao is hard at room temperature (similar to chocolate). However, it begins to melt at 80 degrees and will fully liquify at 85-90 deg (again, similar to chocolate).

It is important to keep in mind that there aren't many circumstances where one of your pucks will be over 85 degrees. If its in your house or in your backpack while you are moving, it most likely will not get this hot. However, if you leave it sitting in a car in July, then you might have some melting issues. Overall, we have received very few comments about folks running into melting issues.

Are the pucks shelf stable?

There is no water or moisture in the PowerPuck. So technically the shelf life of these should be several years (or more), but we are currently stating shelf life of one year.

Are the pucks vegan?

No, currently the pucks contain whey protein and pork rinds. However, we have made limited edition vegan pucks in the past!

Do the pucks contain artificial sweeteners?

No, the pucks are all flavored with all natural stevia extract with the exception of the unsweetened Natural Nude option (which has no flavoring). There are no artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose, or other sugar alcohols in the pucks.

Are the pucks considered carnivore?

The Nude Natural flavored puck is compatible with Carnivore diets. The only ingredients are beef tallow, beef protein isolate, and pork rinds cooked in pork fat.

Are the pucks Keto?

Yes! The pucks are very heavy in fat content, with around 85% of calories coming from fat and 15% coming from protein.... and most importantly - no carbs!

Do the pucks contain sugar alcohols?

No! Our pucks do not contain any sugar alcohols. All of the sweetened flavors use stevia only.

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Why don't you sell individual packs?

Shipping the SuperChews is a challenge since we only use grass fed gelatin to bind rather than sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Beef gelatin will melt around 85 degrees absent the sugar or other sweeteners found in normal gummy snacks. During the summer we are using special packaging and ice to make sure they are delivered fresh to you and not melted! Shipping this way simply wouldn't be economic for us to do if we were only selling one or two packs of SuperChews at a time.

Besides - they are very tasty and we think you will be glad you have more!

What if I receive melted SuperChews?

Hopefully this doesn’t happen! But in the event it does, place the bags in the fridge and they will firm back up. You will now have a big gummy wad rather than individual bites - but the bag still contains the same great taste and macros!

Storage Instructions

We recommend SuperChews be kept refrigerated for extended freshness. They should stay fresh in the fridge for 2-3 months and outside of the fridge for 3-4 weeks.

What are the ingredients?

The full nutrition label is a thumbnail picture on the product page.

No sugar, sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners!

In general, the main ingredients in SuperChews are grass-fed beef gelatin, whey protein isolate, and flavored electrolytes.

What are the macros?

Each package contains 100 calories, 0g fat, 0g carbs, 25g protein.

What kind of protein is in them?

SuperChews have 25g of protein per pack and about 40% comes from the collagen in the beef gelatin and the other 60% from the whey protein. So in each bag you are getting proteins that are beneficial for hair, skin and nails from collagen - and muscle building proteins from the whey!

Other brand gummies only have protein coming from the gelatin - if they even use beef gelatin at all!

Are the SuperChews Keto?

Having no fat or cabs and 25g of protein - I'd say they are very keto! Just make sure you are also getting your daily fat intake from something like a PowerPuck!