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Pocket PowerPucks

Pocket PowerPucks

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Pocket PowerPucks Are More Likely to Melt in Summer Heat Than PowerPucks!


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The PowerPucks in your pocket!

Each bag of Pocket PowerPucks is packed with the same calories, energy and nutrients as a PowerPuck. Pocket PowerPucks convenient size make it much easier to snack on before your next meal. No carbs, no sugars and no seed oils! Finally a bite-sized on-the-go product that is full of healthy saturated fats and a large serving of protein to provide ultimate, long-lasting satiety and energy. Stay healthy and stay full no matter how busy your schedule. Great for those not wanting to eat a full PowerPuck at a time or using as a snack to hold you over until your next meal. You can also drop in your coffee or hot water for great flavor and added fats and protein.

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Customer Reviews

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Love um


I really wanted to like these, but I just couldn't. The flavor of the wafer creme was the best of the 3 I got, but it had a weird after taste, and I wasn't a fan of the texture. It felt like it went from creamy to chalky. Also, there was a little ice pack, but all of the chocolate ones came very melted anyway. Ended up giving them to my friend.

Sawana Grimmett
Delivery needs for improvement

The product itself is delicious but USPS delivered it into my mail box in phoenix in the summer without a delivery notification so it likely sat there all day. It was power puck soup by time I got it out.

Sawana - thank you for saying the product is delicious! Very unfortunate it got left in the mailbox all day. Shipping in June, July and August is always hard for folks that live in AZ but we are doing our best with even thicker insulated bags! We recommend buying the full size PowerPucks during the summer months because they don't melt as easily, but hopefully these thicker bags help as well. Good news is if they are melted just pop them in the fridge for an hour and it will firm right up so its not a mess. It will still taste the exact same and have all the same nutrition!

-Matt & Alyson

Su Sav
Long Run Energy

I LOVE the tallow pocket Power pucks for fuel before and after a long run! Crushed 15 miles yesterday with energy to spare and feeling great today!

Love hearing folks using the pucks for endurance! Keep it up!

-Matt & Alyson


Love these!